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Welcome to the Platinum Members Program

I’m so excited that you have heard about my most comprehensive resource centre you will find.

If you are wanting business growth and personal growth at a click of a button you have come to the right place.

Platinum Members Program

  • Do you ever wake up and just need some motivation?
  • Do you need quick information about what to do in your business?
  • Do you need some clarity on an area of your business but don’t want to watch a webinar at 2am or don’t have the money for expensive products that you will never use?

I am hearing you!

People have told me that they would love to learn new skills and be able to get motivation when they need it not when someone else is presenting it. When you are sitting there at 3pm in the afternoon thinking to yourself “I have to get motivated” or “I have to get this task done” but don’t know how.

Imagine at a few presses on your keyboard you could get the motivation or information you needed right then and there!

But most importantly that information is there every day for you to go over and over again whenever and wherever you needed it. No more of the information only lasting a few hours or days and then it’s gone forever. Anytime you need it you will have it. I wanted to share with you my videos, my audios and also my templates that I personally use in my businesses. In my Platinum Members Program you will find hundreds of resources to help you grow and expand not only your business but you too. This is a personal growth experience as much it is a business growth experience. We all know that we have to grow ourselves to grow our businesses. You will find resources in areas of well-being, management, business, real estate, technology, teams, marketing, social media and much much more. You will find videos, audios and ebooks to suit your style of learning.

I am continually adding to this resource centre as I find new and better ways to enhance my life and business. I love sharing and I am not holding back in the total resource centre.

You no longer have to go searching the internet – it’s all in one place when you need it.

If you are looking for an ‘easy go to’ place to get all the information all you need when you want it click on the buy button for an easy monthly payment. There are no long term plans or contracts stay as long as you like! The information you need is never far away.

Sharon Jurd


A compilation of e-books that talk about all facets of Business, Marketing, Self-Improvement, and Social Media. The e-books will help you get your business up to where you want it to be teaching you how to do it right from the “how to’s of blogging for business” to “ways to succeed while you sleep”, how cool is that? If you want to know more, click on the link and get ready to learn!


New in the real estate business? Or just trying to look for possibilities on improving your income? The pool of resources will help you with the in’s and out’s of real estate and keep you updated too. So the next time you want to know more about real estate, you’re in the right place.


This will be an ongoing and updated resource for everybody who are in search for the perfect format or ticksheet. This will give you an idea on how to create an organisational chart, weekly reports, and so forth.


This resource right here will include Sharon’s audio recordings, interviews with successful mentors, business people, testimonials from satisfied customers, and Sharon being interviewed by other successful entrepreneurs. It is a vault of audio files that will help you in your everyday life challenges whether in business or your personal life.


We see things on a more visual perspective and react to it accordingly, this video resource will help you envision your dreams and set your goals realistically. Sharon has an array of videos that will help you achieve your dream and make success within reach.

What you can expect from Platinum Members Program

    • Instant access to hundreds of videos, audios, templates and transcriptions.
    • Available at any time that suits your lifestyle.
    • No webinars, or specific time hook-ups.
    • Resources covering all areas of your life and business.
    • New resources are added every week (if not daily).
    • The most up to date strategies and information that Sharon is using right now in her businesses.
    • E-books and audios from the most cutting edge and forward thinking business owners in today’s market.
    • No ‘spam’ emails into your inbox. Just login when you need to.
    • No long term plans or contracts – stay as long as you like.

Who should become a member of the Platinum Members Program

    • If you are busy and you want information when you need it.
    • If you don’t want to sit through a whole webinar to get the one piece of information you need.
    • If you want information but don’t want to be sold to.
    • If you need motivation to get through the day or a project.
    • If you are having some challenges personally and need some direction.
    • If you want to start thinking outside the box and taking a new direction.
    • If you are looking for another way to grow your business fast.
    • If you need a new idea but can’t think of one yourself.
    • If you feel like you are in a ‘slump’ and need a ‘pick me up’
    • If your life or business has not changed or grown and it needs to.